Ruby Libraries for the Solaris Operating System

Author: Daniel J. Berger
Here you will find documentation for the libraries of the solarisutils project.

The SolarisUtils project only supports Solaris 2.6 or later, and is primarily targeted at Solaris 2.8 or later.

Looking for a DTrace interface? Start here. That library is not tied to the SolarisUtils project in any way. I provide it merely for convenience.

Click on the library name on the left to go to the documentation for that library. In some cases the documentation is generic. In others it's platform specific.

Below is a quick synopsis of each library.


The solaris-file library provides a Ruby interface for ACL (Access Control Lists) by adding additional methods to the core File class.

ACL's provide a finer grained access control mechanism than standard Unix style permissions.

Installation: gem install solaris-file


The solaris-kstat library provides a Ruby interface for accessing Solaris kernel statistics.

Installation: gem install solaris-kstat

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